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So here’s a few thoughts that kinda make a poem that I wrote down for you Sweetheart…

For Leane, My Beautiful Wife and Best Friend,
I would happily spend hours watching the food network.
For Leane, My Partner in Life and My Confidant,
I would give massages and foot-rubs at 4AM.
For Leane, My Favourite Proof of God’s Goodness,
I would spend every cent on magazines and faerie lights.
For Leane, My Daydream at Work and My Companion at Play,
I would watch “You’ve Got Mail” for the millionth time and like it.
For Leane, My Gentle Whisper of Truth When I’m Lost,
I would talk all night about nothing just to see a smile with the sunrise.
For, Leane My Love, I would never want it any other way.


About Me

Ecstatically married to Leane. Studying Theology and Teaching. Working as a worship leader, teacher, coach, guitar teacher. Living in the Mighty City of Mkondo in the sunny province of Mpumalanga, in the blessed country of South Africa.

Favourite Thoughts – Outbox

Religion is to be defended - not by putting to death - but by dying. Not by cruelty, but by patient endurance. - Lactantius (c.304-313).
What is essential Christianity? From first to last it is scandal, the divine scandal. Every time someone risks scandal of high order there is joy in heaven. - Soren Keirkegaard.
Where there are two Christians, there are three opinions... [Actually a Jewish saying, but at least as true for Christians]


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