Recently people have been talking a lot about Anne Rice, noted vampire expert and converted then deconverted Christian author. Her public announcement that she is “quiting Christianity” was taken personally by many modern pharisees and church watch dogs.

To be fair, many called for restraint and described the event as an “opportunity” for the church to reveal what we’re made of. Would we crucify her? No, we must pray for her as a prodigal daughter!

Why did she do it?

Well, in her own words, she couldn’t be “anti-gay and anti-feminist” any more. Me neither. She said that she still loved Christ, but not Chrisitianity. Well… sometimes… me too. Let’s just be honest and call the church what it is: a bunch of bigotted, hurting, power-hungry, guilt-ridden pharisees, desperately trying to work out what Jesus did for us and what we should be doing in response. Mostly we get it wrong. This is not new.

The Church got it wrong when they tried Luther for publishing his 95 theses in 1517.
The Church got it wrong when they insisted that Galileo recant on his stance on geocentricism in 1633.
The Church got it wrong when they called Darwin the antichrist in 1859 (some continue to do so!).
The Church got it wrong when they declared the great commission a job well-done in the 70’s (much to the chagrine of Mr Billy Graham and the framers of the Lausanne Covenant).

Anne Rice is not a prodigal. The Church is. Her Facebook declaration of independence from the Church SHOULD be taken personally. She has insulted us. And she is right. And we should applaud her for her bravery.

These little revolutions are the substance of church history. In ten years, we may look back at the dear lady and say thank you for calling us on our crap. Like Darwin. And Luther. And Billy Graham.

So I’m getting a head start: Thanks.