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‘Sanctified materialism’ is invading the Church in Africa. Not just the rich white congregations in South Africa, but in the poorest black communities in the poorest countries. It appeals to the the African Worldview because it speaks of a God active in the world, and shatters the sacred/secular boundary. It appeals to the hopeless, suffering Church because it promises a relationship with God that is as predictable as a business contract. Hopeless people bleed their hopelessness into ‘faith’ prayers of positive confession. They shout, ‘I cannot be overcome! I will not be devoured!’ All the while, the prosperity preachers stalk the stage like devouring lions, stealing money, hope and finally faith.

It’s disgusting.

Watch the video at this link:

Do not let people speak like this in your Church. If prosperity gospel statements are made from the pulpit, I urge you to speak as soon as possible to the eldership and to challenge them to show the theological foundation for this heresy. If we sit back and smile knowingly, but laugh it off, this thing will grow. Especially here in Africa. Especially here, where it can do the most damage.


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