sdc11359I’m trying to decide what to do for the thesis I have to write for my honours in theology. I would love anyone’s comments on what they think would be worth reading and writing (mostly reading). I have three basic ideas:

1) “Personal Worship on a Collective Scale – the dangerous teaching of religious lies in popular worship writing today”

The basic idea is that modern worship is written from the personal experience of faith of the worship leader. It is then arranged so that it can be sung by a variety of believers from many cultures and in many different stages of their personal walk in knowing Christ. This is not a good situation for two reasons:

(1) It is not in agreement with our heritage (where the vast majority of songs used in worship were for the teaching of sound doctrine or focussed on scriptural truth about who God is).

(2) It promotes a religious approach to God because believers are essentially shamed into singing “promises” that are insincere and adopting the worship writer’s personal revelation of God as their own.

The thesis would explore these two ideas and conclude with possible suggestions for worship leaders and writers.

2) “The Scriptural and Historical Foundation for the Doctrine of the Separation of Church and State”

This thesis would explore the validity of this doctrine from a scriptural and historical perspective, and conclude with principles which should be taught to all believers to help them avoid the mistake (possibly??) of marrying religion (not faith) to politics.

3) “Are We Teaching Faith or Religion? – An Investigation into the Practice of Child-Discipleship”

This thesis would begin with an investigation into the differences between religion and faith (or Christendom and Christianity), establish principles to distinguish between practices which promote religiosity and those which promote discipleship to faith, and investigate one or two commonly used “manuals” or methods used in Sunday school classes, and “Christian” schools.

These ideas are now only beginning to form in my mind, and are really just expressions of my own personal questions with regards to what it means to follow Christ. I will probably move on after this short thesis to explore it in more detail for my masters thesis. I would love to hear what anybody thinks regarding these ideas, especially regarding how they might be refined to be more focussed and appropriate for research.